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Vault Door & Vault Room

The Chubb vault door and vault room products offer certified high resistance protection against sophisticated pre determined attacks.

In todays commercial environment businesses understand that high levels of security systems and equipment are crucial for the protection of an organisations cash and valuables in order to maintain an organisations operation and continuity, this is especially true for organisations in the banking, pharmaceutical, retail and manufacturing sectors where large amounts of cash, stock or sensitive items may be kept on an organisations premises.

In order to manage this risk businesses are increasingly choosing vault door and vault room solutions which involve storing high value items in a secure separate area in an existing structure. Due to organisations space limitations and differentiating security requirements the Chubb range of products have been designed to be customised to suit specific requirements.

All of the Chubb vault door and vault room products have been independently tested by ECB•S ( The European Certification Body) and awarded the EN1143-1 certification for burglary resistance. The testing of the products simulates attacks using a variety of methods and tools including crowbars, high powered disc cutters and oxyacetylene torches.

Safe Repairs & Service

We provide in house controlled Nationwide 'safe repair' callout service, cutting extra keys, repairing locks etc. Our safe engineers can open any locked shut safe irrelevant of make or model! Find out more...