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About Us

Chubb is a division of UTC Fire & Security, a global leader in security and fire protection services. The Chubb brand is recognised as providing high security solutions that are used and recommended by architects, security and fire consultants and consumers that require a higher level of security for their commercial or residential premises.

Chubb has a long established history of being an innovative global leader in security and fire protection, the company was established in 1818 by Charles and Jeremiah Chubb. The brothers identified the need for security solutions due to the rapid urban growth in English life and in turn an increase in crime. The need for increased security led the brothers to invent their original secure detector lock that they patented the same year.

After the invention of the detector lock Charles Chubb opened a factory in Wolverhampton to concentrate on the manufacture and sale of locks as well as the development of additional security products. In 1835 another product was added to the Chubb range when a patent was taken out for a burglary resistant safe, by 1840 Chubb had already become a household name.

Chubb set up a subsidiary in the US in the 1870's as violent attacks on banks and private individuals added to the growing crime rates. During this period the mechanical time lock was developed enabling a time mechanism to be fitted to a safe or vault door so that it would only open at a set time and could not be accessed even with the correct keys or combination. Although a number of advancements and the introduction of electronics the time lock mechanism is still used today and continues to be one of the most secure locking systems to date.

After World War II Chubb grew rapidly from manufacturing specialised security products into a a group of companies providing many aspects of security solutions in a total of 18 countries worldwide. The Chubb brand has developed its product range and is now a global leader in security and fire protection services that employs in the region of 48,000 people.

Safe Repairs & Service

We provide in house controlled Nationwide 'safe repair' callout service, cutting extra keys, repairing locks etc. Our safe engineers can open any locked shut safe irrelevant of make or model! Find out more...